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Charles E. Rawlings has lived a life of which many dream.  After graduating from the prestigious Duke University for undergraduate studies, Dr. Rawlings attended Duke University School of Medicine where he became a distinguished neurosurgeon. After practicing neurosurgery for over ten years, Dr. Rawlings decided to add another career path and attended Wake Forest University School of Law where he was named a Juris Doctor in 2002. Dr Rawlings has been admitted to the North Carolina, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas and South Carolina Bars and currently owns and operates The Rawlings Law Firm of Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  He is a member of the American Bar association, the American Advocates of Justice, the North Carolina Advocates of Justice, the American Medical Association, and a plethora of other professional academic affiliations.  Moreover, Dr. Rawlings has over 56 publications in various journals and dive publications covering a multitude of subjects. 


Although Dr. Rawlings has ventured into the academic areas of both medicine and law, his true passions stem from underwater photography and travel.  For over 25 years, Charles has traveled the globe fulfilling his desire to capture life under the sea in its natural habitat.  With a focus upon living shells, Charles has taken part in over 50 photographic displays and a myriad of worldwide expeditions.  If malachological expeditions in Union Island, Roatan, Manus Islands, Mozambique, North West Sulawesi, and Palawan weren't enough, add in scuba diving, underwater and regular photography expeditions in areas such as the Cayman Islands, Yucatan, Netherland Antilles, Kona Coast of Hawaii, U.S. Virgin Islands, the Red Sea, Belize, Honduras, and other remote parts of the planet. 


Charles Rawlings' exquisite and seemingly impossible photography has graced the cover of American Conchologist not once, but 11 times as well as being on the back cover twice.  Photography that mystifies the mind, tempts the sense, and exemplifies nature's beauty is what can be found behind the lens of Dr. Charles Rawlings.

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